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WCSU Technology Scope & Sequence

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K-8 Technology Development Skills – The Definitions

Basic Operations: Powering on and off the computer, using the mouse or trackpad and/or swiping, opening and closing windows and applications, ability to troubleshoot basic technical issues, familiarity with definitions and uses of input/output devices.  Network; logging in and out, change printers, access and organize folders and files, able to name and save documents.

Database: Knowledge and use of data entry fields, layout, and design in an existing database file. Search for information and use specific terminology, i.e. the library catalog.

Drawing/Painting: Create and manipulate images, become familiar with painting and drawing tools. Upper level students will begin to Create original graphics, combine text and graphics, modify a digital image, and import graphics from a variety of resources.

Menu Bar/Toolbar/Address or URL bar- Understanding and familiarity of open, print, close, quit, cut, copy, paste, duplicate, shortcuts, and multitasking.  As the grade level increases, students are expected to understand and use more of the menu options.

Keyboarding: Method of keyboarding focusing on posture, left and right hand location of the home row keys, increase accuracy and speed by reinforcing the Home Row Keys method.

Internet Use: Ethical use of web browsers to navigate, locate, and research information on the World Wide Web. Appropriate bibliographic citation of resources used as grade level is increased.  Practice of proper Netiquette.

Multi-tasking: Ability to open and switch among multiple applications.  Students will be familiar with the desktop and/or dock to locate programs.

Presentation: Create presentations involving sound, graphics, animation, and video using various applications, i.e. Pixie, Animoto, iMovie, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.

Publishing: Submit presentations or writings for the purpose of sharing with an audience. (This could include blogs, Glogs, websites, etc.)

Graph/Chart/Spreadsheet: Design and produce a graph/chart/spreadsheet using real life data; ability to manipulate between a spreadsheet and a graph or chart so data can be interpreted. Early grades use Kidspiration or Shapes, upper level grades begin to use Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Graphic Organizer/Concept Maps/Webs: Create outlines and graphic organizers for a project or event.

Word Processing: Ability to process, manipulate, and edit documents using digital devices

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