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Primary Hub

Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Gidney, and Mrs. Behremovic



The Primary Hub consists of Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, and Second grades. The classrooms are located next to each other for the purpose of flexible grouping and collaboration. Students will be with their classroom teacher for a majority of the day, but will interact with all teachers during group times and projects. Teachers for this Hub are Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Behremovic, and Mrs. Gidney.

In terms of the PreK program, a co-teaching model  will be used by Ann and Ingrid. The children will be grouped flexibly to meet needs, support social emotional strengths, and academic skills.  The PreK-3s will have a home base with Ann, and PreK-4s will have a home base with either Ann  or Ingrid.  First and Second grade students will have a home room base with Mrs. Gidney.

The Place-based Education Initiative we started last year will be further developed and implemented this year. Our goal is to use the social, cultural, and natural environment in which our students live as an inquiry-based learning environment to gain knowledge and skills across the curriculum. This includes plans for more visits to local farms and businesses. We plan on expanding the Forest Friday programs across the school and to integrate more gardening and cooking into the curriculum. The primary goal in our minds is to build in students a love of nature and a desire for stewardship.