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Primary and Intermediate HUBS

The school will have two Hubs, a Primary and an Intermediate Hub.  The Primary Hub will consist of Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, and Second grades. The classrooms will be located next to each other for the purpose of flexible grouping and collaboration. Students will be with their classroom teacher for a majority of the day, but will interact with all teachers during group times and projects.  This Hub will be located in what is currently the Pre-K, kindergarten and 3&4 classrooms. Teachers for this Hub are Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Behremovic, and Mrs. Gidney.

The Intermediate Hub will consist of Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades with each grade having a homeroom.  Children will begin and end the day with their homeroom teacher. Teachers for this Hub are Mrs. Boymer, Ms. Schindler, Ms. Koetsier, and Janet Cathey.  The Intermediate Hub will be located in what is currently ½, ⅚, and Ms. Koetsier’s room.

As with everything in life, there are benefits and challenges to this new design.  Some of the benefits we foresee are small class sizes (particularly for math and literacy), collaboration for teachers, collaboration and positive connections for students, and Forest Fridays.  Some of the challenges we are working with are scheduling, coordinating Forest Fridays, and the fact that this is new. We don’t pretend to have everything figured out and expect that new challenges will arise. We will be continuing to work on our Hubs and developing our curriculum through the Summer. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask and offer them. You can email any teacher or Mrs. Thein. Our emails are our first initial followed by our last name and @wcsu.net (ie. Meg Schindler’s email is [email protected]).

The Place-based Education Initiative we started this year will be further developed and implemented next year. Our goal is to use the social, cultural, and natural environment in which our students live as an inquiry-based learning environment to gain knowledge and skills across the curriculum.This includes plans for more visits to local farms and businesses. We plan on expanding the Forest Friday programs across the school and to integrate more gardening and cooking into the curriculum. The primary goal in our minds is to build in students a love of nature and a desire for stewardship.

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering the Arts and Math) Initiative will also be further developed and implemented, including the addition of Makerspaces in the library and eventually into each hub. We will continue to develop strong inquiry-based units integrating questioning techniques, critical thinking and problem solving skills, Tasks will be designed to build knowledge of  concepts at a deeper level.