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Fun for Students and Parents

A Kids Guide to Dog Care
Interesting information by a kid for all dog lovers.

America’s Story from America’s Library
Explore our country, virtually.

Bugs, up close and very interesting.

Car Fuel Economy Site
Before you buy, or if you are just curious.

CIA Kids Page
Information about the CIA . . . etc.

Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore
Unforgettable images helped put public opinion solidly behind the civil rights movement.

Up to the minute news and a significant source of timely topical information.

Discover Magazine
Interesting things are included for your learning enjoyment.

Earth and Sky Homepage
This is an excellent source of information.

Earth, space and weather news and reference
When you need to know more about this topic, this is the site to look at.

Bring nature to life.

From Revolution to Reconstruction
An interesting review of post slavery events.

Ghost Towns of the U.S. and Canada
As the name says, about ghost towns of the United States and Canada.

A special version of the Washington Post.  If you like Time for Kids, this is a site for you to check out.

Legendary Lighthouses
Photos of various lighthouses.

Mad Sci Network
Go ahead be a “mad scientist”

Masterpieces of the Hill Ornithology Collection
A beautiful on-line exhibition of birds.

National Geographic Online
In this case, the name says it all.

National Public Radio
A super resource for news and current event features.

Pearl Harbor
Information from the folks at National Geographic.

Comprehensive site for articles on pet healthcare, written by veterinary experts.

Pirates of the Waydah
North America’s only known pirate shipwreck is giving us glimpses of — well, you check it out and discover what it is giving us.

Women of Our Time
20th-Century Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery