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Fifth + Sixth Grade Photos

Here are some photos stored on SmugMug.

The week of Sept. 24- 27, the fifth and sixth grades joined all the sixth grades in the district along with 2 other fifth grade classes for a week of a science learning at the Marsh, Billings, Rockefeller National Historic Park.  The students were divided into four groups.  Each day, the group participated in one of four learning opportunities.  The classes were microscopy, astronomy, nature photography, and a hike to the peak of the park.  One of the connecting concepts through the units was to observe the parts, patterns, and processes of systems from a microscopic scale, to the human scale, to the cosmic scale.  Each class also discussed the use of lenses and how looking through a lens can change perception of a place.  We also learned the significance of the National Park,  the importance of stewardship and conservation of this beautiful place in which we live.

The pictures show a few whole group circle share outs, and a few moments at the cabin where we conducted the microscopy class.  You can even see a couple of microorganisms as they look through the lens of a microscope!